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Attorney Jamika Wester is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Texas. ​

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Eronn Putman

Eronn Putman is a graduate of Louisiana State University's Paul M. Hebert Law Center licensed to practice in the state of Texas. She has a very divers

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Can I adopt my stepson if he’s an adult?

My step-son and I have been close since he was in middle school and we talked about me adopting him several times. But, even though he never had much of a relationship with his biological mom, he didn’t want to upset her by terminating their relationship. She passed away last year, and he’s approached me again about an adoption. Even though he’s in college and an adult now, he says he’s always considered me to be his real mom. I’ve also heard that if he’s my legal son, I can leave things to him in my will and avoid certain estate taxes. Can someone adopt another adult and does it matter that his biological parents are not around to consent?
Published on 03/08/21
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Can my kids’ mother move them out of state without my permission?

Since my divorce 4 years ago, my ex and I have had 50/50 custody of our kids. We live close to each other in Houston and the kids are doing really well. My ex is getting remarried and now wants to move with them to California where her fiancé lives. I don’t want them to move and I am completely capable of raising them. They don’t want to move either and leave their friends, school and sports. Can my ex just take full custody of them and move without my permission? I also want to know what I need to go to get full custody if she does move.
Published on 03/08/21
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