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At The Ward Firm, our founding attorney, Justin L. Ward, pledges that we will provide aggressive, quality legal representation to each personal injury

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Keith J. Staten

Keith J. Staten is from Vallejo, CA. He received two AA degrees from Solano Community College and a BS from San Francisco State University. He atten

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How do I fight LA Child Protective Services charges of child abuse?

My son’s mother reported me for child abuse because when my son went back to her after being with me he had a black eye. He’s just learning to walk and he legit fell onto the edge of the fireplace and caught his eye. Now Child Protective Services (correct name for Calif.) is saying they want to come to my house and interview me but my family is telling me I should not talk to them without a lawyer. I have a security clearance for my job and if anything like a child abuse charge shows up on my record I could be fired. My ex is telling me that until this is ‘cleared up,’ I can’t see my son. Should I talk to the protective services people without a lawyer and what if they do charge me with abuse?
Published on 03/08/21
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Do I need a prenuptial agreement to protect the property I already have?

I’m engaged and wondering if I need a prenuptial agreement. I have a 10 year old daughter from a prior relationship. I moved here from Maryland to be with my fiancé and we are getting married in LA. I’m told that California is a community property state and that everything we each own now and anything we purchase together while we are married becomes community property. I’m worried about losing half my assets if we divorce. I want to provide for my daughter and I don’t want the assets I own now to be divided with my fiancé, and my daughter to possibly lose out. Will a prenuptial agreement (does his SEO pick up ‘prenup’) protect my property and can my fiancé and I decide what we do and do not want to include in the community property?
Published on 03/08/21
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