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Attorney Anita M. Lamar Esq. is an experienced female attorney who specializes in the areas of Personal Injury. She has a strong commitment to keeping

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Debra Scott

We assist clients with estate planning, probate and guardianship matters.  Our goal is to help you navigate the probate court process, file for guardi

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Alexia Davis

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Meron Tadesse

Experienced Principal with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. Skilled in Tax and Business Law, Event Planning, Microsoft

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Ken Lanier

Kenric Lanier is the principal at The Law Office of Ken Lanier LLC. In Decatur, GA. The firm specializes in personal injury cases, primarily from car

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How do you get guardianship of a parent with dementia?

Our mom is 84 years old and has dementia. My two siblings and I think we need to take guardianship of her. She is not able to take care of herself physically anymore and she can’t manage her finances. Her bills are late and her landlord is threatening to evict her. When we mention anything to my mom about helping her or having her move in with one of us, she gets extremely angry. Her neighbors have called Atlanta Adult Protective Services on her a few times when they’ve seen her wandering outside. What do we need to do to get guardianship and what if she keeps refusing to let us help her?
Published on 03/08/21
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Can my husband and I change our prenup?

We signed a prenuptial agreement before our wedding and we’ve been married 10 years now. When we signed the prenup, we each wanted to keep the property we had before we married. I’ve recently started a business and my husband and I agree that if we were to divorce, I get to keep the business. He isn’t working in it and isn’t putting any money into it. So now we want to add that clause to the prenup. Can we just amend the prenup ourselves so he doesn’t have an interest in my business or do we need a lawyer to do it?
Published on 03/08/21
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