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Michelle Smith Scott

Michelle Smith Scott has built a legal career helping people in the courtroom as a lawyer and former judge. Michelle's law practice focuses on Employm

  • Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Employment Discrimination
  • Indianapolis, IN

Freedom S.N. Smith

Freedom S.N. Smith is a partner in the Ice Miller LLP's Environmental group and works in the areas of regulatory compliance and risk management, envi

  • Environmental Law, Litigation, Agricultural Law
  • Indianapolis, IN

Mark Nicholson

I worked as a Civil Court Bailiff and a law clerk for the American Civil Liberties Union. At the Indiana State Public Defender Office, I worked as a l

  • Civil Rights, Criminal, Personal Injury, Family, DUI and DWI
  • Indianapolis, IN

Does child support go up if your child needs special medical care?

My ex has been paying child support regularly but now I might need an increase. Our son has been diagnosed with cancer and will need special medical treatment for at least the next 6 months. I’m

How do I file child abuse charges against my daughter’s daycare?

I think my daughter is being physically abused at daycare, maybe emotionally too. She is developmentally delayed and doesn’t talk. She does have a lot of functioning issues and her behavior can